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Memorable Trip in the Philippines​

Penulis: Floristika Apraluya Flagracia – Universitas Kristen Indonesia 

Bianca realized that studying at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences was a challenge for her. She disliked journaling, analyzing events, and develop a cultural mindset. So she felt overwhelmed. Moreover, she entered the Tourism study program.

She has to learn a new language which according to her in the future she will not need that language. Finally, she was determined to spend only two semesters in the study program and will be moving next semester.

“I want to change study programs! While I’m still in my second semester,” Bianca said to Sofia, her friend in collage.

“Uncomfortable huh? But next month we are going on a study tour to the Philippines, bro.”

“Truly? It’s okay, I’ll still come along, while on vacation haha.”

“Yeah, but look at the assignment” Sofia shows her laptop.

“Write a short story that contains elements of Filipino culture during a study exchange” Sofia continued the sentence by reading her assignment

“Oh, God!!!” growled Bianca.

One month passed and the day of departure arrived. Bianca actually meant to just take a vacation. She was carrying a suitcase filled with clothes, not books. She only prepared a small note and a pen.

Sofia who saw Bianca’s behavior shook her head.

30 students and 2 lecturers arrived at 1 o’clock at Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

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On the first day until Manila at night. we immediately headed to Savoy Hotel Manila to rest, fell asleep so we were ready to tour the National Museum of the Philippines. Bianca roomed with Sofia and four other friends.

Early in the morning the tour from the Philippines woke us up. Bianca was immediately awakened by Sofia who was already in the shower and almost ready. Immediately Bianca prepared herself for fear of being left behind.

Bianca considers the tour’s work ethic to be very serious and disciplined. Not wasting much time, the tour guide welcomed enthusiastically. The people are funny, enthusiastic and very friendly, we were treated like family.

Before the trip, we were treated to Filipino food, such as soup containing vegetables and meat, and tamarind soup. Even though it tastes very sour, in fact we can’t stop eating it because the broth has a fresh taste.


Teks terkait gambar, pict by canva.com

“So this is a typical Filipino food called Sinigang, indeed this is meat soup with tamarind sauce. The sour taste can be obtained from young mangoes, guavas, or tamarins.” Said the tour guide.

15 minutes have passed….

“We go to the museum using a Jeepney, so everyone is expected to follow the protocol that has been prepared”

A unique type of bus that can only be found in the Philippines, with bright colors and vibrant decorations that reflect local art. These buses are one of the most frequently used modes of transportation in Manila.

 Not much different from conventional buses, jeepneys can go around the city as much as they want, but the difference is that they don’t have special stops so they can get off and continue their journey anywhere.


Teks terkait gambar, pict by canva.com

What a great trip!

Bianca’s admiration increased when she saw the contents of the museum which were very stunning, the exterior of the museum looked magnificent and beautiful. Its art collection includes paintings, sculptures and art objects by Filipino artists.

Each floor presents objects from the past, colonial times. It will take all day to explore the entire collection in this place.

Just visited the first room, suddenly the manager came to this tour guide.

“Here are 6 Japanese tourists you need to guide!” Said the manager to the tour guide who was with us.

The tourists finally came to our place, waiting. However, after speaking good Japanese to them, our tour guide left the Japanese tourists and continued to accompany us.

He declined the manager’s invitation to let us walk around and read for ourselves what was written on each photo or artifact. He decided to live with us.

“Earlier one of my managers told me to accompany Japanese tourists. He said, Japanese tourists will usually give more money. I said, can’t, because your guide is already there. First come, first serve. No way, I will leave you all. It doesn’t matter. God’s provision is in control.” Our tour guide said.

Even though the manager said that this Japanese tourist would definitely receive more money. This made Bianca very impressed. After only one day of the tour, Bianca felt she could see the amazing Filipino culture.

National Museum of the Philippines

Teks terkait gambar, pict by canva.com

Until their last day in the Philippines, they had to return to Indonesia. Before they headed to the airport, they visited a shopping center located in Bay City, Pasay, Philippines.

“Wow! Magnificent and huge place!”

SM Mall of Asia, the name of the shopping center or what is often known as “Mall of Asia”, makes it not only the largest shopping center in the Philippines but also one of the largest malls in the world.

Bianca buys bamboo wind instruments as souvenirs from the Philippines. The shape is not too big, how to play it by placing it on the lips and then pulling it from the end of the bamboo. Kubing is the name of the musical instrument. Filipinos usually play this instrument when there are traditional ceremonies.

Then Bianca also bought Es Campur from the Philippines, called Halo-Halo.  this is the most sought-after Filipino specialty drink and you really have to try it. Halo halo is similar to Es Campur in Indonesia with fillings of red beans, jackfruit, jelly, fro, sago pearls, sweet potatoes, nata de coco, leche flan, ice cream and sweetened condensed milk. This leche flan is a typical Filipino pudding that tastes delicious.


Arriving on the Plane

“Sof, I’m not moving study programs and I already know what kind of short stories I want to write that contains elements of Filipino culture!” insisted Bianca.

“Yeah, that’s a good choice. You have to be taken to the Philippines first so you’ll wake up!” Sofia sneered

They also giggled on the plane, making other people pay attention to them.

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