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Understanding Cultural Values in Daily Life

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Hello Sunners! It is very important for us to understand more about cultural values in our daily lives, especially with global changes and intercultural interactions. But why do we need to understand that? And what lessons can we learn to make our daily lives better?

What is Culture and Cultural Values?

Culture is like a kind of habit that a group of people have. From the way they dress, talk, and their favorite foods, to the way they organize their social relationships. It’s not just about how it looks; it also affects how we see the world and get along with the people around us. It is like an inherited treasure that has been passed down from time to time and makes groups of people have their own identity.

Whereas cultural values are a wealth of principles or beliefs that are considered important by a group of people. So, for example, there are values like honesty, courage, hard work, cooperation, and respect for tradition. These values not only influence our actions, but also our moral guidance. Although each culture may have different values, they help shape who we are and how we make decisions and get along with others.

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Cultural values are the invaluable heritage that shapes a society’s identity and worldview, pict by

The Importance of Cultural Values

Cultural values are very important because they are the roots that build the identity of a society. They range from customs, norms, to traditions passed down from our ancestors. Through these values, we can regulate our behavior and know what is right and wrong. For example, in schools there are rules about how we should respect each other. From here, we can see how cultural values teach us about ethics and manners. And if we see a friend in trouble, usually values such as helping and supporting each other become a guide to help. So, we can see that these cultural values guide us in understanding what is right and how to play a good role in society.

In the midst of global change and intense intercultural interaction, these cultural values are not only like a roadmap for us, but also like a foundation for how we relate to the world around us. We can become more understanding and appreciative of others’ views, while still standing tall with our own identity. With global changes and many cross-cultural interactions, the ability to understand cultural values can determine how we maintain our cultural roots while remaining open to change.

Relating Cultural Values To Our Daily Lives

Relating cultural values to our daily lives is actually not that difficult. First, we need to be aware and understand the values of our culture. After that, we can try to think of how those values can be applied in our daily lives. For example, if our culture values mutual cooperation, we can participate in social activities or help our neighbors when they are in need. Or, if our culture values creativity, we can try to apply it to the way we think, develop our hobbies, or create something new. With simple actions like these, we can live our days with more meaning in accordance with our culture, without the hassle.

Or take another example from a student who comes from a culture that highly values mutual respect. They can apply this value in their daily life by being polite to their teachers and friends, listening attentively when others are speaking, and respecting others’ different opinions. The student can also relate this value to their actions in the classroom, for example by helping a friend who is struggling, sharing knowledge, or enthusiastically participating in a group project. By applying these cultural values, the student can create an environment of respect and cooperation around them.

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It is important to understand and always appreciate cultural values in our daily lives. From simple things to complicated matters, these cultural values always have important messages behind them. If we can appreciate these values, not only will we be able to maintain the roots of our identity, but it can also open our eyes to understand the diversity of the world. Therefore, Sunners, let’s continue to take lessons from the cultural values that exist in our daily lives, so that we can grow into a better person.


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